July 6, 2020


The process of finding the best cloud hosting provider for yourself can make you dizzy and confusing. However, you can check the list below so that you can find the responsibility less difficult and more convenient.

In general, Tierpoint is a very well known provider of private cloud storage. This company will set up your own private cloud with both dedicated hardware and security levels. Your cloud platform will be set up according to your preferences. This package includes any of your own cloud storage needs. For this reason, Tierpoint has a large number of customers from all over the world and in every sector. In particular, setting up your own cloud storage server will only be allowed on the hardware you choose.

Moreover, this supplier has partnered with a lot of industries to run in specific regulatory compliance. Therefore, in case there is a need for a company, Tierpoint can help handle this process.

2. Convenience

Another company mentioned in this list is Expedient, it can provide your company with a hybrid cloud solution in case you need it. Their cloud computing services are different from Infrastructure as a Service as well as Disaster Recovery as a Service. In addition, your digital architecture will be mirrored throughout the 11 data centers that support the DR button. As a result, you can feel safe using the service.

When it comes to the features of the push button, Expedient offers users the choice to eliminate complex processes.

3. Sungard

First of all, Sungard supports cloud storage services, including scalability and agility of the architecture with performance as well as enhanced security for dedicated hosting and computer elements.

Similar to the services provided by Expedient, Sungard offers even special services for businesses that need private cloud storage solutions with government commitments.

Moreover, their platform is also organized with options that help users ensure that even in the worst case, your applications continue to operate smoothly.

When companies use the same architectural policies through different hosting options, users can also customize their hosting solution to set up a hybrid cloud.

4. IIand

When you need a private and dedicated structure while you do not have IT staff that can assist you in leveraging it, this service will be the best option. This company is well known for their easy-to-use cloud storage options. You may think that if the service is friendly, it can only suit beginners. However, the company actually upgraded its own cloud storage service throughout the year, meaning that your platform will continue to grow while you do not have to spend more money on upgrades.

5. Through the West

Thanks to Via West, you get a separate, secure, and reliable cloud recovery solution. In addition, you can set up your own platform from customization capabilities. This means that the company will give you a possibility to set up a hybrid platform.

If you are just a beginner, you can talk to a specialist from Via West to help you make sure you discuss all your technical requirements, safety requirements, compliance as well as Your business objectives so that they can be sure they will establish a suitable platform for their clients.


“In line with AWS’s Standardization Architecture for the UK, the PSN policy allows UK regional organizations to transfer officially classified British data to the EU region in a controlled manner and there are risks. “

AWS has opened the first UK data centers in December 2016 with the launch of the first two zones available to UK businesses to more selectively store their data.

“Data centers in the UK give people more options,” said Gavin Jackson, MD of AWS UK and Ireland, who told Cloud Pro at the launch of its first data centers in the UK. Final “Previously, we had a cognitive challenge, which would give them the feeling they were in control and if they wanted to store data in the UK, they would have if they wanted to store it abroad. “

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