August 11, 2020

Sage cloud suites are used by third parties

The integration of third-party solutions in online and desktop applications is already solved problems at Sage Software. This allows the rapid expansion of online suites Sage One and Sage Online valuable additional features such as a web shop or Dropbox.

In the modern business world, access the mobile applications to the cloud, customers demand that the cloud solutions they use mobile, are integrated with each other. Therefore, providers strive as Sage Software to couple the Clouds own apps. In order to offer their clients also add value and keep the subscribed cloud offering attractive, they also take up the offers of third parties into their cloud suites. They thus create a value chain that adds value in terms of collaboration. The customer can individually configure his value chain and hires only what he needs.


“Users often have no IT department and not the big policies regarding the procurement, which is found in large companies,” says Jan Friedrich, Head of Online Business, Business SMB at Sage Software. “Startups begin with something not even, because they avoid capital tied up in order to focus on their business,” So if a customer say he wanted online storage and online document exchange, then get this as well. However, the cloud apps should be able to speak with local installations’. “Therefore be at Sage appropriate cloud APIs before, so programming interfaces.”

At these APIs dock with third-party solutions, whether it be from cloud to cloud app app or from the cloud app to a desktop installation. So it is for example possible to link desktop applications such as a local Sage Line suite with a cloud application such as Google Maps or Ebay. This is a so-called “Connected Service” as forecast calls him. Sage itself offers this Sage Pay, backup-as-a-Service, Security and Webshop integration.

There is next to the integration between cloud solutions, “so complete online solutions that link up with other online applications on the market rather than with another desktop application,” as Friedrich formulated. “We and our customers live in an online world. That is why we have said, for example, in the case of Sage Online: ‘We realize the exchange of data using Dropbox’. For some customers Dropbox is an absolute nightmare scenario in terms of security in the cloud “On the other hand, there is also a market condition that Dropbox is a leading tool in the area of ​​document storage”. This fact we have to face as a supplier. “

The Munich-based service provider Merkl IT also provides “infrastructure as a service” payments with the “Virtual Back Office / Dynamic Data Center” now. One focus of the offer is on security and privacy. 

The service provider Merkl IT is expanding its cloud portfolio. With the “Virtual Back Office / Dynamic Data Center” Munich provide their customers with ready now an Infrastructure-as-a-Servcice- (IaaS) offering. The cloud service is based on technology VMware vSphere products and vCloud Director.

With their the Munich IT specialists who value set by its own account specifically to professional business clients, security, performance and data protection lay. The infrastructure service should be suitable for critical applications and not just for test and development environments. Thus, Dynamic Data Center is different, according to Merkl IT by many public cloud offers great provider. 

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