August 11, 2020

Juniper wants to simplify the management of hybrid multi-clouds

Data centers have a number of virtualized elements and are also distributed across multiple sites and cloud environments. Build this infrastructure and manage – and at the same time keeping costs under control – is extremely complex and requires a secure, simple, and open data center infrastructure to meet future requirements.

Unite Cloud Juniper adressiere this challenge and offers companies the necessary building blocks to manage public, private and hybrid multi-cloud environments, so the manufacturer. The product grows with the business requirements and support the implementation of new applications, services and technologies.

Unite Cloud was developed also, according to Juniper Networks to (total cost of ownership TCO) reduce the overall costs and to increase the long-term return on investment. The product has to as a “Junos Space Network Director” management application. This uses automation to allow users to analyze data centers and control.

Other ingredients

In addition, Unite Cloud uses the Switch “QFX5110” the manufacturer, which is equipped with a capacity of 100 gigabit (Gb), which, aims to scale and future bandwidth requirements. combining the technology with the “Contrail Jumpstart services” that can be implemented quickly and with low risk according to Juniper IT – with seamless a transition as possible to the cloud.

Unite Cloud is designed to complement the products “Unite Campus” and “Unite Cloud-Enabled Branch applications”. The product family Juniper Unite was announced in 2015 as an architecture and complete solution for businesses. These include data centers, and applications for campus and branch offices with a unified management. Juniper Unite allows organizations to develop request-specific network infrastructure, and implement.

Customer is about wheel Velez, Principal Engineer at Getty Images. He says: “The global customer Getty Images rely daily on our pictures – and any time of day. Our service delivers impressive photographs that our customers get the creative illustrations to which they are instructed to give their articles or works of art the finishing touch. The tasks may be extremely different, but the access to our images must be guaranteed at all times. That is why we need a flexible, secure, scalable and cost-effective network solution. We have decided on Juniper Networks and its QFX switch series and the SRX firewall family to run our 24/7 network and secure “.

The highlights in brief:

Automation for simplified management: “Network Director 3.0”, the latest version of the Data Center management tool provides, so automation features for managing and allowed networks by certain scale Juniper. The integrated analysis makes it possible to visualize the network, analyze and control. Features include:

The ability to configure multiple data centers and visualize – and via a single Web-based console. Thus one for network administrators to manually provisioning and manually configure the past.

Network virtualization without controller to automate the deployment and management of overlay Fabrics. These are Layer 3 Fabrics and use Ethernet VPN (EVPN) control plane and Virtual Extensibel LAN (VXLAN) overlay.

Support for “Juno Fusion”. With the technology can be a variety of distributed devices to manage as a single device. Thus the operation complexity is significantly reduced.

Automatic detection and forwarding the network configurations of the ports.

Scalable building blocks for the next generation of data centers: The data center switch QFX5110 urde designed to handle high-bandwidth applications flexible and scalable. This includes server virtualization, and simple leaf-and-spine topologies to Web scale, fabric-based architectures. This allows customers to increase the speed of their data traffic, without having to replace their network infrastructure completely. The following functions are part of the QFX5110 Switch:

Supports 10 / 40GbE access speeds and four 100G uplinks to allow Leaf-to-Spine implementations and manage the growing demands of data traffic.

Tunnel Routing function enables more efficient routing via Internet protocol.

Support for virtual machines, containers and a platform for third-party applications users.

Services for a simple and fast implementation: With Contrail as the leading product for service orchestration within cloud environments Juniper Networks has added to its portfolio the Contrail Jumpstart Services. Thus Juniper supports customers in the implementation of the Contrail Contrail Cloud Platform and Networking software in their data centers. The forms let the basis on which the software-defined networking (SDN) technology Juniper implement. The Jump Start services consist of three main phases: implementation, know-how transfer and support after installation.

Cliff Grossner is a Senior Research Director and Advisor, Cloud & Data Center Research Practice at IHS Markit. He says: “Companies that a number of different cloud service providers as meta Cloud – are utilizing an important trend and complementary to hybrid cloud architectures – or multi-cloud. Meta clouds and hybrid cloud require a network that is able to manage different DC locations accordingly. In a recent IHS Markit Report * indicated the respondents said they would use an average of eight different cloud service providers to 2018th This fueled the demand for solutions to ensure easy deployment, automation and management of hybrid and meta cloud environments while reducing costs. “

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