August 11, 2020

Accelerator Program supports service providers with cloud services

With the help of the new products and solutions offers can be tailored to the needs of each customer – whether for small or large companies. In this way, service providers should be able to sell their cloud-based services on the basis of a sustainable funding model, increase efficiency and revenues and thus the profit margin.

“Classical cloud computing approaches require compulsory, expensive, set up cloud stacks’ with various products, layers and prohibitive pricing models,” explains Georg Lauer, vice president and regional CTO at CA Technologies. “Our model, however frees service providers from working with a single vendor and supports it also helps to increase their margins to simplify the deployment of new services and to offer a broad set of offerings that address specific markets with different cloud services. “

The youngest, already available in the market, turnkey version of the cloud platform CA AppLogic 3.0 provides an application-centric, fast and simple approach with which infrastructure, tools, applications and virtual data center in the cloud can be made available. The platform makes it possible, according to CA to add new revenue-generating services very quickly and flexibly – completely independent of the hypervisor technology.

Automation, safety and service management solutions for service providers

Furthermore, CA Technologies brings a new set of automation, safety and service management solutions for service providers on the market: CA Automation Suite for Clouds 1.0 helps service providers to increase their efficiency by automating processes. This includes automated provisioning of existing heterogeneous infrastructure including Cisco UCS, VCE Vblock infrastructure platforms, NetApp, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, IBM, LPARs and others.

The suite supports the self-services for end users and offers a catalog of applications and services that can be accessed through a secure online portal. The integrated functions for cloud services include a self-service portal, an on-demand provisioning, dynamic resource and workload management, measurement and billing of services and role-based security.

CA NetQoS Unified Communications Monitor 3.2 enables service providers, voice and video management services provide. The product also supports Media Net-enabled devices from Cisco that help companies address the “consumerization of IT” and the fast-growing video usage in enterprises and manage.

CA Cloud Market Accelerator Program for Service Providers

Also new on the market, the CA Cloud Market Accelerator Program for Service Providers, the partners of service providers, are tools and resources for co-marketing distribution and cooperation at hand. The initiative aims to help service providers in the development of cloud service offerings. The program is targeting an extensive ecosystem of cloud service providers that can become a reality the vision of a cloud-driven company, its suppliers.

What are the motives of companies that want to the cloud?

There are currently two main reasons. The one are new business areas. Companies use the cloud to test new business models. Second, the outsourcing of capacity, for example, at peak times an important motive, but also in Germany, the shortage of skilled workers. In China, for example, the phenomenon occurs, the company will have a very high Neueinstellungsrate and IT can not afford to provide as many jobs. 

Why you can offer services cheaper than the in-house IT?

Once course .. from economies of scale, but just to be cheap, this is not the main objective. Many savings are indeed seen only at second glance. In any case, we have the advantage of faster performance and greater capacity to companies. It is often easier to let approve and fund a cloud project as their own infrastructure. 

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